I am a Graphic Artist & Product Designer from Blacksburg, VA.


As you read this you will begin to see that I have a fairly wide variety of interests and hobbies. For your benefit I've decided to split this section up into categories so you can just go to the one you are interested in. I'd be thrilled if you read the whole thing, though I'm not really all that interesting, but in the event you don't want to here are the sections for your viewing pleasure:

In the beginning....

So you want to know a little more about me? Well, I guess like any story we should start at the beginning. Art has always been a fairly major portion of my life, doesn't matter if it's physical or digital, it's always been there in one fashion or another. Computers have always been a pretty big influence on my day to day activities as well, so it's only natural that my artistic endeavors and my computer hobby would become completely enmeshed. It's been almost 30 years now and while the technology has changed, the fascinated youthful artist inside never will.

SysOps Fables...

I began using computers in 1979 when my father got interested in them as a hobby, eventually he setup The 21st Century Connection, the third Bulletin Board System in the United States. Bulletin Boards were somewhat the precursor to the internet, instead of multiple users conecting to a website across the web, these Bulletin Boards were a single computer connecting through a modem to another single computer. It was limited compared to what we have now, but at the time it was the cutting edge.

In 1987 I took the leap and became a SysOp and started my very own Bulletin Board named Deckers Cafe' / The Dragon's Dawn Inn. My initial interest was in the challenge of using a single connection software package to effectively run two seperate Bulletin Boards with seperate applications, mail systems, and all the extra features. It worked remarkably well and my fascination with all things computer truly began to blossom.

From there I took an interest in graphics, the original graphics layout of the early Bulletin Boards were all text based. Here is a more modern version of the Deckers Cafe' logo that never made it into the site.

Web Life...

Eventually the World Wide Web would become commercially available as would HTML, so my interests naturally ended up learning the new HTML code, after having run through a few DOS languages. Programming wasn't really my forte, I was more interested in the graphical and layout side of web design, but it was a needed part of web design. So my life in web design ranged from various web re-imaginings, from the Y2K New Web Experience to the newest Web 2.0. I've been designing various projects both professionally and personally ever since.

The Pixel Mines...

The world of digital graphics has changed drastically in the last 30 years, it's gone from ASCII Artwork to 3D models so realistic that you can barely tell the difference between what's on the screen and who's next to you. The software has changed just as much as the medium itself, but through every step it's been a continuing education. What can I say, when it comes to artwork I've never been able to clean off the digital dirt. Then came 3D...

Polygon Propers...

From Wings 3D to Autodesk Maya, the learning curve for 3D models has been sharp and vast. The basics of the modeling process, setting up UV Coordinates, and then drawing/painting the texture maps, all of it gets thrown together to create needed items for games, movies, commercials, educational diagrams, you name it. Digital Paper Mache' in a very real sense, except it's not the science project you're making.

Why should you HIRE Robert
I'm not just a Graphic Artist. I'm not just a Web Designer. I'm a problem solver. When you hire me you are hiring a solution, not an employee. I am a self made concept engineer that finds answers, even if it means the acquisition of new skills to do so. My process is as follows:

to your needs

Balancing COST, QUALITY, and the NEEDS of Client is paramount to success.


Often times new tools must be discovered to accomplish a project properly.


I can quickly come up with multiple ideas and images to collaborate with the client to achieve the look they are needing.


Project dealines are often difficult to reach in the art industry, often times they require long hours to reach milestones.

the product

Project completion is as important as all other steps. How you delivery the final product is as important as how you begin it.

Clients I’ve worked with
I am creative, hard working, diligent, and willing to learn new skills that may be needed for success. I have been working with computers since I was eight years old and began programming and doing ASCII/ANSI graphics early on in the formative years of computer development. I went on to run a fairly popular BBS site called Deckers Cafe’/Dragon’s Dawn Inn that appealed to a growing younger generation of computer enthusiasts and from there I went into the newly forming world wide web.

I’ve been a graphic designer and web designer for the majority of my adult life in some degree or the other and while I wouldn’t consider myself a cutting edge professional I am a problem solver and will put in the hours to make sure it’s solved. Most of my knowledge is self-taught though I have learned a lot in the classrooms recently to supplement and refine what knowledge I do have.

Professionally, I have done Web Design for over fifteen years and worked in product design, print media, corporate branding, and game design.
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